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A big old hand-made custom chopper bike Custom Bikes
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The thrill of a chopper - versus the practicality of a big, long-distance touring bike:

A 2006 FXD35 Super Glide and a 2005 custom rigid Harley Of the custom rigid Harley, Russ writes:
'Built the Chop from frame up. This machine is the one we built last year. 200 series rigid frame. 4" backbone stretch, 2 up, 2 out, 44 degrees rake, 6" over forks. 113 cube motor thats churning out 120hp on the wheel, with 125lbs. of torque. A real ball smasher. Have had nothing but troubles with it. The rigid was not the right place to put a motor like that. It shakes really-really-really bad. So lots of stuff falls off, or gets ruined from vibrations. BUT DAMN..........SHE DOES RUN. I can pull it hard, and get 125 in 4th gear with 2 more to go. It eats up crotch rockets and spits em out. Have smoked soooooooooooo many. Kids pull up, see a fat man on that bike and think they can have some fun with me. HAH! 'Light turns, get her rolling, then hit it. All they see is tire smoke and a blue flash. DA FAT MAN CAN RIDE STILL!

Russ's 2005 Custom Rigid Harley And as for the FXD35 Super Glide:
These are my toys. The white one is an 06 FXD35. Anniversary model of the Super Glide. Wonderful machine. I rode it from Nebraska to the West coast last month...
But the choice is yours! (Personally, if I was going for a Harley, it would have to be the Dyna Wide Glide...)

Big bike cruising - the joys, freedom and tribulations of the open road! It is not so much where you are going but how you get there! This website is being designed as a base-station for a community of bikers around the world, who just love riding their big motorcycles on the open road. It will have a set of Forums where riders can meet, interact and exchange news, views and stories of life on the road. There will also be a free integrated photo Gallery for members and guests to upload pictures of their bikes and the places they have been to. For those of us with a bent for writing, there will also be a Blog spot where we can write our own online diaries of life on the road.

Why do people ride motorbikes? For the site-owner, it is nothing more than the utter sense of freedom and being in-touch with the elements that only two wheels can provide - and being able to by-pass annoying traffic snarl-ups. Being able to pull-up by the side of the road and admire a view or take photographs more-or-less anywhere you want to. Oh! And the feeling of the wind in your face and down your neck as you wind on down the road! Getting on a bike and setting-off with only a vague idea of where you might be going provides never-ending adventures

It has long been the site-owner's dream to buy a second-hand Harley-Davidson - or maybe a Triumph, (preferably the Rocket III!) - and cruise the length and breadth of the Philippines. Could be a little while yet but I like to be prepared!! Hence the early start with this website; just getting my foot in the door, so to speak! If anyone is interested in this new website for bikers, please contact the site-owner and let me have your ideas. If you've got any big bike cruising pictures that you want to upload, or content for the Forums or Blogs, you are welcome to post as a guest - although it would be much nicer if you could sign-up for your free membership and become one of the pioneering members of this website!

Some of the best bikes - (but by no means the only ones!) - for long-distance cruising are the larger Harleys, like the Road King and the Fat Boy. More than merely modes of transport, every Harley-Davidson motorbike, whether a standard production model or a highly-customized machine, is a work of art. Harley riders tend to be as passionate about cleaning, polishing and shining their machines as they are about riding them! And, apart from their looks and their massive V-twin engines, what really sets the Harley-Davidson apart from all other bikes, of course, is that wonderful sound they make. So much the better then, if you live somewhere like the Philippines where you can get away with very loud exhaust pipes!!
Visit the official Harley-Davidson website here

From 1903 until now! The history of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company goes back a long way - and it makes fascinating reading. The story starts something like this, (from the official Harley-Davidson website:)
In 1903 William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson made available to the public, the first production Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The bike was built to be a racer, with a 3-1/8 inch bore and 3-1/2 inch stroke. The factory in which they worked was a 10 x 15-foot wooden shed with the words "Harley-Davidson Motor Company" crudely scrawled on the door. Arthur's brother Walter later joined their efforts...
Read about the history of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company here

Now for a REAL long-distance touring bike... (The British invasion has begun!!)

A beautiful Triumph Rocket III Here's my dream motorcycle for big bike cruising around the Philippines...
From the website:
The Rocket III is a whirling, mechanized cyclone of power. Its three fuel-injected cylinders displace a monstrous 2,294cc and pump out 147lb-ft of torque. That amazing output is fed to the giant 240-section rear tyre via a five-speed gearbox and shaft drive, while the massively strong steel frame, upside-down forks and Daytona 955i spec four-piston brake calipers elementally contain the Rocket III's potential.
Rocket III is in possession of fine balance. Of course it demands respect on all levels but it remains a truly useable machine, and will tour highways, cruise streets and hustle turns with effortless ability. The Rocket III may be the largest capacity production motorcycle in the world but it's designed to be ridden...

Happy and safe riding wherever you are,whatever your wheels - and wherever you are going!!

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